Due to its relatively isolated location, the substantial archaeological preservation of el-Hibeh remained relatively undisturbed for thousands of years.

Despite disturbances ancient and modern, el-Hibeh was a site with uniquely and substantially preserved archaeological remains. However, since 2011, the turmoil in Egypt has led to relaxation of the security of the site. While by no means the only victim of cultural heritage destruction in Egypt and around the world, Hibeh has been particularly badly damaged.

Before-and-after images of the looting drives home the extent of the damage. Most of the looting photos come are from 2011-2012. In the intervening years, el-Hibeh remained accessible to looters and looting activities continues to deteriorate archaeological preservation of the site.


While these images are heartbreaking, we have commenced a number of initiatives that explore ways of preserving and disseminating information about Hibeh and our archaeological work. Check out our section on “Future” of Hibeh.

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