We continue to plan and prepare for future field seasons. In addition to archaeological exploration, we are have initiated a number of projects that will optimize research and dissemination of information.

Looking at crumbling mudbricks of the city, it can be difficult to imagine how the town might have looked during the first millennium BCE. This was a vibrant town in which people lived, worked and played. On festival days, the people of el-Hibeh would have gathered around the temple of Amen, Great of Roarings, to celebrate the gods’ roles in providing them with a good life.

Our goal is to make the ancient past accessible.

In addition to publishing reports and updating you on fieldwork, we have initiated an augmented reality visualization project. This Ryerson University initiated project has the goal of visualizing the site of el-Hibeh. For now, we are starting small, with the modeling and construction of an augmented reality/virtual reality model the temple of Amen.

Keep up with us as we build the model of the temple!